This project explores how climate change disproportionately affects communities of colour and young people in the UK, providing insight into their experiences with this global issue. The aim for this work was to create meaningful dialogue about how we can better mitigate our environmental impact while also working towards social justice for those most affected by it.

This piece is an audio-visual installation that takes you on a journey of connectivity from different perspectives of the past, present and future. Inspired by the nomadic Maasai tribe, this captivating installation began with an urgent call to action herding the audience through a sonic landscape before completing an orbit around the space in order to reclaim our connection with nature and its future. Through this unique exhibition, visitors were invited to explore their relationship both between each other and with Mother Earth.

This exhibition of photographs captures the story of our roots to the earth, beginning with imagery depicting a mother and son representing our past. We then transition to perspectives from the present day, focusing on a youth who is fatigued and dissatisfied at today's state of affairs.
Lastly, we are presented with an optimistic glimpse into our future inspired by personal views that express hope for what lies ahead in this important journey.